We all know that in life the only constant is change. We cannot know what will happen from day to day, so we can only take life one day at a time. In saying this, I am very happy to add that I can help with your primate and other exotics. Everyone knows how hard it is to have to re-home an exotic, but to do so for one that you love dearly is heartbreaking. Whether the reason is, divorce, financial, behavioral, or just isn’t working we can and will help, and we will care for your baby with love and compassion.
The placement will be kept confidential as well; they will be housed on our 5 acre FWC licensed facility in Southwest Florida, which is now home to Capuchin, Spider, Squirrel, Marmoset, Tamarin and howler monkeys. We are not limited just these few. This is a class 2 – and 3, for Howler monkeys – facility. All have their our homes and if possible will be place with other so they have playmates.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions