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USA’s Trusted Provider of Monkey Food & Treats, Disposable & Washable Diapers, Covers, and Other Essentials for Capuchins, Marmosets and Small Animals

Care for your pet the right way with the help of MonkeyNeeds. We present a variety of supplies and essentials all for the health and well being of your pet monkey, rat, or even hamsters. Featuring disposable and washable diapers, diaper covers, monkey food and treats for small animals, capuchins and marmosets, our digital shelves has everything your pet may need for proper nurturing and comfort. Check out our blowout sale on disposable diapers now!

Affordable Monkey Food & Treats in the USA

Monkey Needs offers a wide selection of food and treats for the nutritional necessities of your pet. We carry powdered marmoset diet supplements, Zupreme Primate Canned Food, Primate Crunch, Zu-Fruit Crunch, and more. We also sell treats in banana, chocolate, marshmallow, and piñacolada flavors. Do you need sugar gliders and food for small animals like hamsters and rats? You can also find those here. Order these delicious munchies and keep your pet monkey happy and healthy!

From food to washable diapers and covers, Monkey Needs ships supplies and essentials for your pet monkey anywhere in the USA. For inquiries about our products or your orders, feel free to contact us and we’d be glad to help.